Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fixed integer bug when compiled on 64bits

I just released the pack 1.51 (located in sourceforge: ); this new release corrects the bug (wrong integer size) when texlexan was compiled in 64bits (I'm currently using Ubuntu 10.10 - 64bits). 

This pack is tested with Ubuntu 9.04 - 32bits, 10.04 - 32bits and 10.10 - 64bits.
AMD Duron Processor - 512Mo  for the 32bits version and Intel Core i5 - 4Go for the 64bits version.

I have started to work on the batch training programs (pack 2, programs: buildkeybase.c, globalkeybase, analysekeybase.c); these programs do not work correctly since I've modified the structure of the dictionaries (Feb 2010). I'm very busy this semester, so I'm afraid that will take time to release I robust revision of these programs.

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