Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Easy launch of TexLexAn from Firefox

 I made some modification of Now, It takes directly the url of the page displayed by Firefox, does the analysis. So a drag and drop of the url is no required.

To do that, you need the version 0.33 of the GUI of Texlexan in the folder ~/texlexan_prog.  You can download it here:   and choose

and you have to configure the "Arguments" line in the "properties box" of "External Application Button" like that:  -fu%addressbar%

-f  means texlexan full options
 u means url
%addressbar% is the address display in the address bar of Firefox.

Note: -f -u %addressbar% doesn't work.
The arguments must be: -fu%addressbar%

View of the properties box:

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