Thursday, December 31, 2009

texlexanlauncher.xpi for Firefox

It's done and faster than I expected. My first Firefox extension works, gives the possibility to add a button to the toolbar and to launch directly texlexan with the webpage currently displayed.  It's really more convenient than the drag and drop method.

The package is available on sourceforge, is named texlexanlauchner.xpi. You have to drop the small xpi package on the Firefox main window and to restart the webbrowser. Next a click on the toolbar (right button of your mouse) will open a small menu, select Personalize and drag'n drop the texlexan icon on your toolbar.  That's all, there is any other configuration required.

Next you will update the python program to the version 0.33b or +.  ( is located in the folder ~/texlexan_prog.)

The Firefox extension and the new Python program are available here:

Screen shot of the toolbar, texlexan button is the small blue square, nothing very impressive!

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