Tuesday, December 29, 2009

external_application_buttons launches

As I said in my previous post, this small extension for Firefox is very interesing. It allows to launch easily other applis directly from Firefox. I think some explanation can be useful to use it with TexLexAn.

First you have to install the extension. It's easy and require less than 6 steps:

1- Drag and drop the package "external_application_for_firefox_3.0.xpi" in the window of Firefox.
2- Restart Firefox to complete the installation.
3 - Do a click right on the tool bar (between 2 buttons) and choose Personalize.
4 - Drag and drop "Application" in the tool bar and validate.
5 - At this time, you will see nothing new in the tool bar, but click right again on the position you dropped  "Application". A small menu shows " New Button ... Option, Personalize". Click on New Button and a file browser will open. Go to ~/telexan_prog and select texlexan.py.
6 - Now a small icon (can be the text document icon ) is displayed. Click on this icon and the texlexan window should open.

It's done!  Eventually, we can complete a little bit more the configuration.

7 - Click right on the icon and select Property.
8 - You can edit the label and the tool tip. Change the icon(*) and add a shortcut.

Note: In my case, I was not able to display the texlexan icon.

Good luck!
Jean-Pierre Redonnet.

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